When someone buy a house, they are require to purchase a Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA).
But have you heard of Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA).


Let us tell you a small STORY about one of our clients.

*Privacy Issue we will name her Mrs. A*

Profile of Mrs. A :
- Age 46
- Bought a House 2 Years ago

At first when Mrs. A bought herself a property, she was told by the banker that she need to purchase a MRTA to protect her asset in case something unlucky happen to her like Death or Disability.

One of our advisor approached her to share with her about the important of MLTA.
At first she was disagree with the cost and do not think it is not something neccessary to have.
After a few times our advisor tried, she finally sign up a policy with the advisor for MLTA purpose.

2 Years later, unluckily and unfortunately, she was diagnosed that he happen to have breast cancer.
And so according to the MLTA policy, our company compensate her what she plan 2 years before.

Total of more than RM 600,000 compensated to her so that she no need to worry about her very own property.

We never know what may happen in the future.
But we know that we can bring an umbrella before the rain arrive.

[Documents about the above claim]

Let's Do a quick comparison about


Protection Purpose Protection, Saving
Cash Value
Reducing Protection
Drop to 0 At last Year
Level Protection
Maintain at an amount
Bank is the Beneficiary Beneficiary can be anyone
Lump Sum Payment Periodic Payment
No Cash Value With Cash Value
for Early Settlement
Not Transferable Transferable

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